This category serves two main purposes. First, it is a resource of worked examples of common document elements such as tables, math or statistics equations and plots. These act as a quick reference for how to include these elements in your documents and contain extensive commenting for more advanced customization. Second, this category contains full templates which do not have a place in other categories but are nonetheless useful for specific purposes.

Minimal Memo

This memorandum template, or memo for short, features a clean minimalist layout to enable efficiently communicating internal company news, announcements, notices or other information.

Ryo Menu

This menu template features a bold design with eye-catching high contrast menu items. Each menu item can be qualified with a description to list ingredients or notes and a price can be specified to the right. The menu aims for a clean and minimalist look suited to a modern cafe, bar or restaurant.

Drake Certificate

This certificate features a bold classic design with high contrast and a layout that allows for significant amounts of information. It's useful for creating certificates for awards, congratulations, prizes, event completions, degrees and more.

NIH Grant Proposal

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides grants to researchers wishing to fund their research projects. The lengthy application requires a great deal of information regarding the proposed research and this template is meant to make the process easier by creating the document structure required for the application and providing examples of typical content. The template is primarily meant for the Specific Aims, Research Plan and Bibliography sections of the grant application but other parts (e.g., Budget Justification) can be created as additions to this template or subsequently created in a word processor.

Conference Booklet

This template is for conference organisers who wish to produce a booklet or online document for attendees detailing conference information and presenters. The template is primarily aimed at academic conferences but can be tailored to commercial conferences.

Professional Table

This table template provides a quick reference for how to add professional-looking tables to any document. The booktabs package is utilized to enable the use of horizontal rules specific for different parts of the table, adding to the overall professional aesthetic of the table. The table includes examples of amalgamating multiple columns into one cell and creating horizontal rules which do not span the entire width of the table. The entire table is extensively commented with further customization options and explanations for each line.


This template creates a dictionary with a two-column layout and clear headings delimiting different letters. The header on each page contains the first and last word on that page, making for easy navigation. Converting your current dictionary information to use in this template is easy as a single command specifies the addition of each word. By default, this line has four arguments for the: word, pronunciation, classification and definition. Each can be customized as required (e.g. bold, italic, sans-serif, etc) or other arguments can be added.


This template is for creating a single page cheatsheet. Cheatsheets act as a reference for shortcuts in an application but can also be used as a reference for commands, symbols, functions, equations and any other use case where there are many ways to do something. The template features a three column layout to pack in a large amount of information into the single page. Each column is further subdivided by headings and blocks of similar commands are separated by spaces.

Canadian Forces Memo

This template is for producing a memorandum (memo) within the Canadian Forces. It was made by using the Military Writing Guide provided for K. Thomas by his MCpl. Following many terrible experiences of having a memo come back with formatting adjustments required, he decided to come up with a template that will for the most part print a correctly-formatted memo with little need to make tweaks by the user.


This template typesets your poetry in a beautiful and simple way using the ‘verse’ LaTeX package and a number of custom commands. The template is designed for you to quickly typeset poetry without worrying about complex indentation and positioning. The template is highly structured and commented for you to immediately see how each of the elements is to be used.

Article Notes

This template is for academics and students wishing to make notes on academic articles for future reference or distribution. It is ideal for long-term preservation of thoughts on any given publication and lets you easily specify the information of the article as well as when the notes were made and last revised. Sections within the template can be populated with your notes on the theoretical background, methods, results and discussion/conclusions of the article. A citation is included which lets you easily search a folder full of notes to find the relevant publication. The template is arranged in two columns and landscape orientation by default but these can be easily changed.

Custom Class

This template is for advanced users of LaTeX who are interested in creating their own LaTeX class. The creation of a LaTeX class allows one to specify all document requirements (packages, input files, etc) and layout specifications in a .cls file while reserving the .tex file purely for content. An important feature of this template is the inclusion of a pair of custom class options which act as a toggle within the class to change document settings based on the class option supplied. This means the user of the .tex file can change the class option at the top of the template .tex file which changes the layout of the document.


This template is for creating a contract with static and dynamic content. It is designed such that you add your static contract terms to the template once and re-use it for many clients using a number of dynamic variables, such as for the payee’s name and the hourly rate. The template contains a spacious layout with a minimalist title page and tailing page containing signature lines for all parties.


This template uses the texMemo class to make writing a memo using LaTeX incredibly simple. The template includes the ability to include a company logo underneath which the memo information is housed. The layout of the document is professional and the use of the Palatino font gives it a unique touch to differentiate your memos from those produced by other means!

Frequently Asked Questions

This template provides an easy framework for creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) document. The first page features a large title followed by a subtitle and list of all questions. Questions are clearly displayed in colored boxes with answers after them in plain text. Each question can contain a unique label to allow referencing it in future questions via links. Questions are also automatically numbered and this number can be referred to at any point.

Press Release

This template makes writing a press release easy by dividing the document into the necessary sections and elements that are required for a clear press release. At the top of the press release is a place for a logo for your company/institution which serves to give the release credibility and recognition. Underneath this is a section for contact information regarding the release along with the date of the release. Next is the headline and subtitle which need to grab the attention and provide enough detail to make the purpose of the release clear at a glance. Finally, the content of the press release starts with a location, date and summary of the content followed by the body of the release.

Code Snippet

Often times it is useful to include some code in a document, either as an example or to display it for publication. This template simplifies the process of including code from virtually any programming language in a LaTeX document. It uses the listings package to create a box around a piece of code and allows a large number of well-commented customizations to change its appearance.

Engineering Calculation Paper

This template for engineering calculation paper is designed for engineers to present calculations in a clear way for review or documentation purposes. The large header includes meta-information about the document for easy tracking and includes space for a company or university logo.

Chemical Equation Examples

This template provides a quick reference for typesetting chemical equations in LaTeX using the mhchem package which has been specifically designed to make chemical typesetting intuitive. The template starts with simple chemical notation and progresses to complex chemical equations involving a variety of interactions and notations.