An invoice is a commercial document requesting payment for goods or services. Invoices usually contain an itemized list of each product purchased or service performed, with a corresponding quantity and price. Company information, payment instructions and payee information are also present to define the parties involved.

Minimal Invoice

This invoice template features a clean minimalist layout with plenty of whitespace. Despite this, it contains extensive information and can stretch across pages automatically if required.

Wile E. Invoice

This invoice template is for businesses or contractors who need to request payments from customers or clients. It features a clean simple layout with a company name at the top, then a section for the recipient’s contact information, then a section for invoice information, then the invoice items, then a terms and conditions and amount due section and finally a sender’s contact information section. The invoice is created using a series of custom commands that make populating all the information very easy. All invoice numbers for subtotals, gross, tax and net are calculated automatically using a provided tax rate and item quantities and rates.