LaTeX Templates License Explanation

Explanation of the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License

LaTeX Templates uses the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license for templates created exclusively for the website. It is not immediately obvious how this license should be applied to LaTeX templates where there are two main components: the template code and the compiled document PDF. This page aims to clarify any confusion and clearly explain what you can and can't do with LaTeX templates licensed using this license.

What You Can't Do

You may not use the template code for any commercial purpose. This may include (but is not limited to) receiving money for modifying it, including it as part of an automated document creation process/product and hosting it with the purpose of monetizing visitors/users. Essentially, the template code cannot be used to add significant value to a business activity.

You may not change the license of the template.

What You Can Do

You may use the compiled document (i.e. PDF) resulting from typesetting the code for any purposes, including commercial, and you do not need an attribution in the document text to LaTeX Templates, although it is appreciated. Examples include writing your CV in a CV template and using it to apply for jobs or writing a book using a book template and selling the book online or physically. This clause does not override the first one above.

You may modify the template code in any way you wish for your personal use and you do not need to make your changes publicly available.

You may redistribute the code, whether as-is or including your changes, but you must attribute it to the LaTeX Templates website as the source and retain the template license. In practice, this means you need to keep the notice at the top of the template code and broadly list what changes you have made.

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