Sullivan Business Report

This business report features a bold design with a large right margin for notes, references, figures, tables and more. Report content is extensively structured in multiple section levels and examples of commonly used report information are provided.


This business report template features a bold design with clean lines and a professional feel. A defining feature of the design is the large margin on the right side of content pages, in which notes, citations, figures, tables, lists and quotations can be placed. This leaves the main text block for primary content, and its reduced width makes for easy reading. The template allows for content to span the entire page width or two-thirds width if needed.

Four levels of sections allow content in the report to be extensively broken up as needed, and section numbers can be removed for shorter reports by toggling a class option. Within the example sections in the template, examples of virtually all common report elements are represented, including: table of contents, font changes, quotations, tables, figures, lists, citations, lists, equations, code, bibliography and appendices.


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This template was created by Vel.

Current Version

v1.0 (May 5, 2022)


This template is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Click here to see what this license means for your use of the template.

Usage Guide


This template compiles with standard pdflatex and the bibliography with the standard biber engine. There are no special requirements outside of packages that are supplied with a full distribution of TeX.

Margin Content

A key feature of this template is the large right margin, also known as a sidebar. This margin should be used extensively and the template makes it easy to do so by featuring many examples of content in the margin. Some content is best output to the full page width rather than just in the main text column. For this, you can use the fullwidth and twothirdswidth environments, as used on the title and disclaimer pages in the template.

The following commands are used to output content into the margin:

\sidenote Use this as the main command to output text into the margin with an automatically numbered marker. You can specify your own custom marker in the first optional parameter to this command, and a vertical offset in the second.

\nonumsidenote Similar to the above, but outputs text into the margin without a marker. Takes a single optional parameter for vertical offset.

\sidenotequote Used for outputting quotations to the sidebar. Takes a single optional parameter for vertical offset.

Environment margintable and marginfigure Used for outputting tables and figures to the margin.

\sidecite and \fullsidecite Used for outputting either short or long citations to the margin.

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