A newsletter is a periodical publication usually specializing in a specific area of interest for its subscribers. Newsletters often contain current news and information and are a shorter format than magazines and newspapers. Clubs, organizations, societies, associations, businesses and other groups typically publish newsletters to update their members on the goings-on of the organization and provide special interest stories. Newsletters are also sometimes called brochures, pamphlets, periodicals, bulletins and booklets.

Professional Newsletter

This elegant newsletter template is best suited to corporate or organizational newsletters with several large entries. It features space for a large wide header at the top with the company logo and information. The layout is highly modifiable and features the ability to include a sidebar encased in a border, an in-text box, quotation and single or multi-column text layouts in any configuration! The template makes extensive use of linking for quick reader browsing, a table of contents is present on the first page and links to every entry in the newsletter.

Short Three Column Newsletter

This newsletter template is best suited to shorter newsletters consisting of short articles from a number of contributors. It features a prominent main news item at the start to provide a space for important updates or a summation of events by a single author. The body of the newsletter has a three-column layout which is conducive to short articles by a number of authors. The newsletter header on the first page clearly displays the newsletter name and edition while the footers on each page provide contact information and a longer description of the newsletter.