Recipes are used to list the ingredients and steps required to prepare food or drinks. Additional information such as servings, cooking time, a history of the recipe and tips on preparation or storage may also be present. Individual recipes can be bundled into a collection based on a similar theme, such as a book of recipes for soups.

Jacopo Recipe

This recipe features a bold design with a wide two-column layout that displays the ingredients and methods. Methods are numbered with eye-catching black dots and ingredients are in a subdued italic to the left. The template accomodates a recipe description at the top, extra information at the bottom and servings, preparation time, cooking time and difficulty information.

Morgana Recipe

This recipe template features a thin two-column layout to neatly display ingredients and methods side by side. A defining feature of the template is the eye-catching red heading for a short tagline or category. Additionally, the bold description section allows you to summarize the recipe's history.