Goodman Business Card

This business card sports a classic professional look with plenty of whitespace to separate the different elements. Your name and job title is front and center with your company tucked away above and your contact information prominently displayed below.


This business card template aims for a classic professional look through its use of the timeless Garamond font and ample whitespace separating the different elements. Your name and job title is front and center to immediately draw attention and there is plenty of space for your contact information at the bottom, spread across two columns.


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This template was created by Vel and designed by Candrika Pujnadati.

Current Version

v1.0 (April 1, 2022)


This template is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Click here to see what this license means for your use of the template.

Usage Guide


This template compiles with standard pdflatex. There are no special requirements outside of packages that are supplied with a full distribution of TeX.

Business Card Information Commands

Several of the major elements of the business card are output using custom commands in order to simplify the template code. This section describes their use.

\outputcompany This command takes a single parameter for your company or department name at the top right of the business card. The text you enter will be automatically output in small caps. If you do not wish to have this information on your business card, leave the command empty like so: \outputcompany{} in order to preserve spacing.

\outputnameline This command outputs an individual line of your name. You may want to output your name on one line in which case you should use this command once, otherwise you may use it twice for two lines. It takes three parameters, the first for your name, the second for the font size of your name and the third for the baselineskip size. If your name is particularly long or short, you may wish to increase or decrease the font size. The baseline skip can be useful to bring multiple lines of your name closer together for a tight look.

\outputjobtitle This command is used to output your job title. The first parameter is your job title and the second the font size. If you don't want to output a job title, leave the first parameter empty to preserve spacing like so: \outputjobtitle{}{9pt}.

Output Contact Information

Your address is output within the left column in a minipage environment. Simply enter multiple lines separated by newlines \\ and adjust the font size in the minipage as needed. If you don't want to output your address, simply comment out or delete the entire minipage.

Your contact information is output in a table with 2 columns. The first column contains a very short identifier for the contact information type, e.g. e. for an email address. It is recommended to keep the identifier to no longer than 4 characters and to use the same number of characters for the identifiers on each line. The contact information for each identifier is then simply output to the second column of the table.

Business Card Sizes

Business card sizes vary widely across countries. The template is written in such a way that the content will automatically distribute itself no matter what paper size is used. At the top of the template file are all the major business card sizes that exist in the world, each commented with the countries it is used in. Simply find your country or standard and uncomment the relevant line to set the paperwidth and paperheight accordingly.

Adding a Crop

You may need bleed space around your business card for paper cropping purposes. The template accomodates this by providing an example using the crop package. Uncomment the code for this package at the top of the template file and specify the paper size you will be printing on. The difference between the paper specified for cropping and the size of the business card itself will be indicated by crop marks in the resulting document, such as shown in the preview images.

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